Welcome to Nocturne Rain Metaphysics.
We are a spiritual organization specializing in the study and practice of eclectic witchcraft and metaphysical modalities.

Whether you are looking for affordable spiritual supplies, free spells or rituals to be performed on your behalf or are trying to find a safe place to study and build your spiritual practice, Nocturne Rain Metaphysics is your physical and online development center.

Our Departments & Services

About Us

Founded on August 1st, 2022, Nocturne Rain Metaphysics emerged as a beacon of spirituality under the visionary leadership of Mikeal Maguschak. It stands as a non-denominational haven, blending spiritual essence with eclectic witchcraft practices. Holding active business licenses in Ohio and West Virginia, our establishment thrives on using proceeds from our store to support diverse divisions, fostering robust and nurturing atmospheres for our members.

Within our organization, devoted volunteers drive operational success, apart from our dedicated sole proprietor, who diligently orchestrates the essential daily functions of Nocturne Rain Metaphysics. Delving into the essence of our name, Nocturne signifies beauty, mystery, the unknown, and the tranquil night, while Rain embodies healing and the bounties of nature. Metaphysics encapsulates universal crafts, modalities, and transformative practices.

The choice of our name was a deliberate homage to the enigmatic allure of metaphysical realms, coupled with a heartfelt tribute to the rejuvenating healing powers and exquisite beauty intrinsic to our practice.

About the Proprietor’s Office

The Proprietor’s Office oversees all departments and programs within Nocturne Rain Metaphysics. The department also manages our Witchcraft & Metaphysical store in Follansbee, West Virginia.

About the Witchcraft & Metaphysical Store

Our store is located at 1400 Main Street, Follansbee, West Virginia, 26037.

We offer various metaphysical and witchcraft supplies including candles, crystals, essential oils, mojo bags, incense, herbs, and various curios. We source all of our materials carefully and all items are regularly cleansed and charged with Reiki from our in-house Reiki Master/Teacher.

Hours of Operation

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Closed or By Appointment

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Closed or By Appointment

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Closed or By Appointment


Witchcraft & Metaphysical Store
Accounts Payable & Receivable, All Departments
Systems Administration, All Departments
Membership Support, All Departments

Contact the Proprietor’s Office

Direct Email: office@nocturnerain.com
Direct Phone: 1-833-437-5577, Ext 1

Sole Proprietor, Mikeal Maguschak
Direct Email: mmaguschak@nocturnerain.com
Direct Phone: 1-833-437-5577, Ext 702

About the Coven

The Coven aka Coven Nocturnus is an eclectic witchcraft coven that operates physically and online. The coven is overseen by the Proprietor and Administrators. The purpose of Coven Nocturnus is to provide a safe environment where witchcraft practitioners can come together to study and practice witchcraft in a team-building environment.

Our Teams and Projects:

Eclectic Witchcraft Team
Type Hybrid | Division Locke | Leader Locke | Supervisor Vacant

Divination Team
Type Remote | Division Locke | Leader Locke | Supervisor Vacant

Left Hand Magick Team
Type Remote | Division Bell | Leader Bell | Supervisor Vacant

Musclemancy Team
Type Remote | Division Bell | Leader Winchester | Supervisor Vacant

Paranormal Investigation Team
Type Hybrid | Division Marple | Leader Marple | Supervisor Vacant

Paranormal Research Team
Type Remote | Division Marple | Leader Marple | Supervisor Vacant

Integrated Runic Practice Team
Type Remote | Division Maguschak | Leader Maguschak | Supervisor Vacant

Library Team
Type Remote | Division Walker | Leader Walker | Supervisor Vacant

Book of Shadows Team
Type Remote | Division Walker | Leader Walker | Supervisor Vacant


Remembrancer’s Office
The Remembrancer’s Office serves as the primary support and records office of the Coven. This office processes all coven records, membership support, and coven administrative workflows.

Administrator’s Office
The Administrator”s Office serves as a command center overseeing all teams and projects of the Coven. This office handles the delegation and processing of client requests, the establishment and planning of Coven activities, and governs/supports all teams and projects to ensure they have the resources needed to operate successfully and provide a safe environment for Coven members.

Judicator’s Office
The Judicator’s Office serves as the security, compliance, and people resources center for the Coven. The office handles disputes between members, interpretation and development of the Coven Compact, physical and online safety of coven members,


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Contact the Coven

Direct Phone: 1-833-437-5577, Ext. 2


Administrator, Joey “JW” Bell
Direct Email: jbell@nocturnerain.com
Direct Phone: 1-833-437-5577, Ext. 703

Administrator, BriAnn “Bri” Locke
Direct Email: blocke@nocturnus.world
Direct Phone: 1-833-437-5577, Ext. 701

Administrator, Risha Marple
Direct Email: rmarple@nocturnerain.com
Direct Phone: 1-833-437-5577, Ext. 715

Administrator, Amber Walker
Direct Email: awalker@nocturnerain.com
Direct Phone: 1-833-437-5577, Ext. 700

Administrators Locke & Walker with the Eclectic Witchcraft Team.

What is Eclectic Witchcraft?

Eclectic witchcraft is a diverse and multifaceted approach to practicing witchcraft that draws inspiration from various traditions, belief systems, and practices. It embraces a blend of different elements, allowing practitioners to tailor their craft to suit their individual preferences and spiritual beliefs.

Eclectic witchcraft has its roots in the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to witchcraft. It acknowledges that each individual is unique and may resonate with different aspects of various traditions. By incorporating elements from different sources, eclectic witches create a personalized and flexible practice that reflects their own spiritual journey.

One of the key principles of eclectic witchcraft is the freedom to explore and experiment with different techniques, rituals, and tools. This approach encourages practitioners to follow their intuition and incorporate practices that resonate with them on a deep level.

Another important aspect of eclectic witchcraft is the emphasis on individuality and self-expression. Eclectic witches are encouraged to embrace their unique gifts, talents, and perspectives, allowing them to create a practice that is authentically their own.

In addition, eclectic witchcraft often involves a deep connection to nature and the cycles of the earth. Practitioners may incorporate elements of herbalism, astrology, and other nature-based practices into their craft, honoring the interconnectedness of all living beings.

One of the greatest strengths of eclectic witchcraft is its flexibility. Practitioners are free to adapt and evolve their practice over time, incorporating new ideas and techniques as they grow and learn. This adaptability allows eclectic witches to create a deeply personal and dynamic spiritual practice that continues to evolve with them.

In conclusion, eclectic witchcraft is a rich and diverse path that celebrates individuality, creativity, and spiritual exploration. By embracing a blend of traditions and practices, eclectic witches create a unique and authentic practice that reflects their own inner wisdom and connection to the world around them.

Our Founder, Mikeal G. Maguschak

Sole Proprietor, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Magick Officer, Chief Reiki Officer, Chief Divination Officer, Chief Paranormal Officer

About Mikeal
Mikeal G. Maguschak (or Atlas Aether Raine per the Craft community) is an eclectic third-degree witchcraft practitioner with over twenty-three years of experience studying, practicing, and teaching witchcraft. Mikeal is an energetic healer and channeler with a strong passion for helping others with the use of eclectic witchcraft and metaphysical modalities. It has always been Mikeal’s dream to open a witchcraft store and magick practice and in December of 2023, Mikeal finally accomplished his dream.

Mikeal built Nocturne Rain Metaphysics to not only serve as his personal magick practice and affordable metaphysical supply store, but to also serve as a safe haven for witchcraft and metaphysical practitioners to come together to study and practice in a safe, judgement free society physically and online.

Today, Mikeal embraces a busy lifestyle serving the local community as a manager in three local government municipalities and operating Nocturne Rain Metaphysics and it’s various programs and departments. While doing all of this, Mikeal still maintains an active witchcraft practice performing spells, rituals, divination, and healing services for his personal clients while also mentoring our teams and projects who handle the bulk of Nocturne Rain’s client magick requests.

Healing Practices
Mikeal is a certified Usui Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher accredited by the International Reiki Organization. Mikeal is also certified as a Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher and Usui Ryoho Animal Reiki practitioner.

Mikeal is a certified relaxation massage therapist and crystal healer. Mikeal likes to combine the use of massage therapy, musclemancy witchcraft and reiki to create a metaphysical massage therapy practice that specializes in relaxing the body and bringing energetic balance to the chakras within.